Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hello beautiful people. Just a quick note and I'm off to visit you guys. I haven't blogvisited in about a week and I'm hungry for your news.

I had made some blueberry muffins (the kind in the bag where you add milk), and was having one with my coffee this morning when Buddy, my dog, was bothering me and bothering me for a taste. Not your usual doggie fare, but he loved it. Silly dog.

Be Cool, fool. I take some daily medication that, I swear to you, it raises my temperature about 5 degrees. Since I've been on this medicine, about 15 years now, I really dislike the summer and the heat. I used to always bake outside in the sun and yes, even the tanning beds in the 80s were my friend. But now I go from air conditioned room to air conditioned car and not much in between. Those of us in the eastern US, both north and south have been experiencing higher temps the past few days. I don't even want to think about what it's like in south Georgia and Florida, Alabama, Texas, etc. So you won't see me outdoors unless it's early morning or evening. I always thought Canada's weather would be more to my liking. A little hot but not stifling hot.

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Karen said...

I am always hotter than everyone else and it drives me crazy. Not due to any meds because I've been that way since I can remember. My body temp is actually 94-95 degrees normally - I am a freak of nature LOL

I feel for you... I hope it passes and you cool off.