Saturday, April 8, 2006

There is a hummingbird outside my window. He/she has been back to this bird feeder, (which is 4 feet away from my computer)several times today. But I only have bird seed and they don't usually go for birdseed. They're mostly insect and nectar eaters. Around the front of the house a hummer is drinking from one of the sugar-water feeders. He's back again. Now there are two---no three! Gotta go check this out!

*I'm back. Have I mentioned how much Robin loved hummingbirds? The house was full of hummingbird knick-knacks and collectibles. The real hummingbird lovers call them "hummers". They migrate and come back to the south each spring. Usually taking the same route. So these must be Robin's "hummers".

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Shirl said...

oh hurrah, Susan! I've been wondering when you would see them. This is soooo cool!