Wednesday, January 11, 2006

If I could speak to Robin right now, she and I would be laughing about what we always called the "Februarys".

Something I made up decades ago to describe the blahs I felt during the winter months. Each year in January I'd say to her that I was having the Februarys early this year. And she'd remind me that I always got them in January.

It helps to rush Spring by planning your flower gardens, ie- buying seeds and bulbs, reading garden magazines. Outdoors I've been rearranging wind chimes and garden path stones and birdhouses and various yard paraphanelia.

I have a hummingbird apparatus that you can make sugar water to put in and they have like a dropper to drink from it. It's a real coup to see a hummingbird in your yard.

There's also cats who love to come around so you keep this in mind as you put up bird food. And squirrels. My neighbor told me of a hawk who's been on the prowl recently. She also has a lot of bird delectibles in her yard beside mine. And about once a week we see a flock of geese fly over. I don't know if it's the same ones or if geese are actually travelling north right now. I don't think they're coming to the pond on the golf course (there's a large net on the bottom of the pond that they pick out golf balls to use for range balls).

Our property connects to the 14th hole on a golf course. That's why my father picked out this land in the first place to build his house on. Golf isn't a sometime thing; it's a lifelong passion for golfers. As a young girl I used to work at the grill there and worked on the driving range picking up balls in a cart with a thing on the back that scoops the balls up.

Okay. Enough rambling. Time for something productive. Like internet shopping. =)

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