Monday, December 5, 2005

Sean Dockery made a 3-pointer from about 40 feet with less than a second left giving No. 1 Duke a 77-75 victory at home against Virginia Tech last night in the Atlantic Coast Conference opener for both teams.

Even the New York Times reported on the heart stopping Duke basketball game last night against Virginia Tech. Message boards are freaking out because Duke fans stormed the court. Evidentally there's a time and a place to "storm".

It wasn't technically a "storm", like you would get when a team beats a rival in March Madness. Hell, I stormed the house with glee myself. It was a "storm the court" like you get when there's 1.6 seconds to go, your team is down 2 points and the ball's thrown in from out of bounds to a player who has to shoot from (think center of the court) 40 feet away and makes the 3-pointer at the buzzer. For the love of the game and acknowledging the great last moment shot, some fans were about to explode with excitement.

They came onto the floor to congratulate their Duke players for always finding a way to win.

I'm in heaven until March with College basketball in full swing now!

See Dockery's Shot!

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Shirl said...

Eek! We're always getting in trouble for being too aggressive fans up here. People just need to understand about passion.