Tuesday, November 15, 2005

My husband and I were discussing things our parents used to eat that we thought was weird. We found that both our parents enjoyed crumbling up a piece of cornbread into a tall glass of buttermilk and eating it with a spoon. My grandmother liked it, too, so I'm guessing it wasn't only indigenous to our families. Everyone used to keep buttermilk in their refrigerator, but I never did like the taste of it.

This led to a discussion on potliquor, which is the juice from a long slow cooked pot of greens. A veritable spring tonic, they say.

9:00am already? Time for coffee #2.


Schroeder said...

Wow - I've learned about "pot licker" in just the last year. As a yankee transplant to New Orleans, it took me a long time to appreciate greens. Now, I crave them. The secret: *pickled ham*, a generous lacing of cider vinegar, plenty of onions, and red chili peppers or a sprinkling of pepper flakes.

Karen said...

My parents have eaten plain bread crumbled in a bowl of milk. Both families were poor, so that's what they did. The one I really thing is gross is an onion and cheese sandwich. Cold, slice of cheese, slice of onion, on buttered bread. LOL ICK.