Wednesday, October 5, 2005

I go to Tennessee tomorrow morning to take Robin to Vanderbilt Medical Center. So I will be out of circulation for a few days. Will try my best to stop by and visit today/tonight.

Now Playing - Coldplay - Fix You. I just love that song so I downloaded it and uploaded it to have--maybe I'll buy the cd this week.

happy birthday to me.....thanks for your well wishes


Shirl said...

ack ack ack! I had it on my calendar that today was your birthday, then didn't look at my calendar (and forgot what day it was!!!!))) Happy Birthday, dear Susan! And our hearts will be with you and Robin!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday - and a happy year to follow.


Karen said...

Happy birthday, and I will keep Robin in my prayers. Take care of you too! *BIG HUGS*

bryn said...

happy birthday...say hi to Robin

meg@mandarin said...

Happy Birthday!

Hope all is well.

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your Sister dear friend.
I too love that song by Coldplay!
Love and hugs and kisses
and the very best of wishes!

Lynn said...

I will go down in the annals (sp) of history as the one who ALWAYS forgot birthdays!!!
Belated wishes Susan. {{hugs}} :)